Make Your Marketing Material the Face of Your Business

The biggest companies of the world cover their marketing costs through their marketing material. Such is their brilliance in making their marketing material that their calendars, periodicals or press releases become a subject of public interest. The marketing material becomes the face of the business to a certain portion of your customers. Here are some guidelines that will enable you to optimize this business cost and make the face of your business stand out.

Hire a professional team

Hire an ad agency or a freelancing team to design your marketing materials. This should be treated as a long-term investment. The goal is to create high quality materials that would promote your business successfully. The things you need to keep in mind while hiring such a team are –

  • Experience – The agency or group you hire must maintain a certain degree of excellence and have sufficient background in designing marketing materials. They should be able to incorporate factors like your business’s potential growth in the future, the attitude of your company, etc. when designing your marketing material.
  • Support – Your marketing material is a long-term investment, hence make sure that the agency will provide your business with constant support regarding future up gradations.
  • Price – Small business or businesses with a low budget must ensure that they adhere to services that provide discount printing without compromising on the quality. There are a lot of agencies like this, so make sure you do your research.

With the help of an expert team, create a professional logo and a marketing material package that work well with the vision of your business.

Focus on the design

The design of your marketing material must be noticeable. It should be a balanced mixture of visual elements like –

  • Alignment – All content must be aligned in order to increase readability.
  • Inclusion of charts and pictures of high quality
  • Use of captions
  • Inclusion of white space

A reputed agency that provides discount printing will be able to provide this. Having knowledge of design principles can make your marketing material more innovative.

Consult a literary supervisor

Make sure that your business consults an expert when it comes to supervising your business’s literature. With quality and creative use of language, your marketing material can become more than just a marketing tool – it can become a readable material worthy of the reader’s interest.

Take care of the pictures

The pictures that you use in your brochures, annual reports, etc. serve an important purpose. When using photographs in your marketing material:

  • Use high quality pictures
  • Make the pictures customer oriented
  • Use relevant captions that make the consumer connect to the picture

The marketing material of your business can set the level of quality your business wishes to portray. Coupled with an unequivocal standard of business literature and a good design team, your business can create a package of marketing materials (brochures, annual reports, etc.). Even businesses with small budgets can brainstorm, create a vision for these materials and with the help of discount printing they can strike an important and fruitful deal.


Cracking the Code for Successful Brochure Marketing

Cracking the Code for Successful Brochure Marketing - Yesprint

Marketing is very costly. It can cost a business a significant amount of their budget. It is also an investment that is risky. One can never be sure of how well a marketing campaign might pay off. Hence if your business is going for a marketing plan devoted to brochure printing it must be done right. Yes, brochures are cost effective and serve a lot of purposes but for small businesses working on a tight budget, brochure design should be something to invest heavily in as it can be the difference that makes the investment pay off. Here are some key factors that need to be considered in order to make your brochure marketing campaign successful:

Stop wasting

Most of us have at some point in our lives, seen brochures dumped in the streets. After receiving brochures in bulk, companies often tend to treat them as fake currency and give them to almost anyone and everyone. The thing that needs to be understood is that a brochure is almost like the identity card for a business. Hence it should be treated with respect and handed only to people who can give that respect to your company’s brochure.

The facts and details that a brochure gives out about a business usually stay relevant for two years. Over this time period, one or two rounds of mass brochure printing might be enough for your business. Eliminate wastage and brochures will serve their purpose. If not, they get replenished soon enough to be deemed as a “failed marketing technique”.

Trust professionals for mass distribution

When it comes to mass distribution of brochures, it is good to trust professional service providers who have relevant experience. Doing so helps your brochure reach its intended target. Professional brochure distribution service providers give reassurances of success to the business, eliminating the risk factor. Some ways in which they do this are:

  • Placing your brochures strategically in your customer’s mailbox increasing the chances of them getting noticed.
  • GPS Tracking services – Many advanced professionals provide this service in order to give their clients a complete idea about the reach of their marketing campaign.

Focus on design

As mentioned before, focusing on your brochure design can truly pay off. It can serve as the benchmark for the quality of your business. Here are some glaring facts about brochure design you cannot afford to miss out on –

  • Colour scheme – The colour scheme needs to match the mood and attitude of your business. It should be consistent with the company colours and colours used in previous marketing campaigns.
  • Content – A well planned, precise and concise piece of content can increase a brochure’s readability ensuring lead generation.
  • Call for action – The call for action is the section where a company distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing offers and discounts. Make sure this section is well put together.

Getting a marketing plan based on brochures to pay off is not rocket science. You just need to be careful with the kind of people you work with and make sure that your brochure printing and distribution is done with utmost professionalism and dedication.

5 Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Print Brochure

Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Print Brochure

To reach out to the local market in the most economical way, businesses rely on print brochures and other such promotional materials. An exceptionally well designed brochure is not the only criteria to gain the interest of a target buyer; you also have to take care of the different printing nuances, in order to ensure that there are no issues with the final output.

Here are some of the best brochure printing tips that can give you impressive, high quality print brochures.

1. Remember that originality pays off

While designing a brochure, it is very important to be original and innovative, in order to create brochures that make a mark. In fact, your brochure should clearly bring out to your target consumers what your business represents. In order to do something innovative, you should work with various marketing ideas and also understand what your competitors are doing. Also, by analysing the work of different companies, you can draw inspiration from their work for your own designs.

2. Go for the correct paper

It might be a bit expensive to use heavier paper, but if you use such papers, the brochure will look more professional. This goes a long way in convincing your target market that you are professional and dependable.

3. Look for a designer who has comprehensive knowledge

It is true that an expert brochure designer is required to create good print brochures. However, you must remember one more thing. Brochure information is of great significance and all designers are not capable of developing brochures with a keen understanding of your business and its core areas. Once the designer has business knowledge, the possibility of solely relying on guess-work is reduced to a great extent, which ultimately leads to the production of superior quality brochures.

So, to get the best results, you should partner with a business-oriented service provider and give comprehensive inputs about your business so that the same can be put to paper.

4. Take care of design and print resolution

In order to obtain superior grade of output for brochure design, you must incorporate minimum 300dpi images and artwork. A number of companies make the mistake of using low quality images for their brochures. This is not at all good for printing purpose and leads to washed out images.

5. Think about print bleed

You must allow space over and above the selected page borders when you are designing a print brochure. This will enable you to cover the movement of paper as you are printing, and will also help you avoid inconsistencies in design by a considerable amount.

In spite of the fact that print brochures are a great medium for business promotion, especially to a local market, many businesses do not spend much time or effort to think about the printing aspect. Remember that when you are distributing a print brochure, your customer is prompted to take the desired action only when the combination of the design and print aspects are outstanding enough. You can consult experienced service providers who can boost your promotional efforts with exceptional print brochure quality.

Crucial Things to Remember While Sending Artwork for Discount Printing

Crucial Things to Remember While Sending Artwork for Discount Printing

When you are availing discount printing service, often the printing company simply wants you to send across the artwork, while the other things are taken care of by the team of printers. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you get ready to send your artwork to the printing team you have hired.

Converting fonts to outlines

It really pays off when you convert fonts to outlines and then send the document for printing. By doing this, you are actually creating a shape layer out of an editable font. In this way, you can eliminate font issues that the printer might face otherwise.

Setting up CMYK

Over the screen RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is used, while printers make use of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). In order to get the most desired printed materials, you need to make your document compatible with CMYK. During conversion from RGB to CMYK, the image might become dull; in that case, you may need to make the colors brighter.

Taking care of image resolutions

72dpi is the normal onscreen image resolution, but for discount printing of brochures and flyers, a much larger resolution of around 300dpi is required. Therefore low resolution images are a big No-No, since such images will appear ‘pixelated’.

Including bleed and crop marks

Your artwork will require a bleed when it extends to the edge of a page. This implies bleeding of the artwork over the edge; the general requirement for printers is 3mm. During printing of the artwork, a big oversized sheet is used, which is afterwards trimmed down to obtain the appropriate size. Not making room for a bleed might lead to the artwork not extending to the page’s edge, thereby leaving a white gap. Also, while saving the file, incorporate crop marks. This will give the printing team an idea of the exact position of the bleed and where the document should be trimmed.

Monitoring transparencies and effects

If the file you are about to send for discount printing possesses unusual transparencies and effects, the best thing is to send across flattened transparencies, to make sure that everything happens in a proper manner. To get the desired look, consider sending the artwork to the printing team in the form of a flat jpeg along with the usual PDF.

Ensuring creep allowance

Thicker brochures are the ones mostly affected by creep. Actually the bulk of the paper leads the inner pages to creep or extend further in comparison to the other pages. This depends on the count of pages and paper thickness. So, if you are sending across a brochure for printing that is thick stitched, consult your printer to ensure that the document is adjusted for you.

Follow these tips to get the best results from discount printing services. A properly prepared artwork surely makes the job easy for the printing company and also gives you the best return on the money you are spending.